"One of the things that makes Zahra Indigo’s tours unique is the way she weaves the ancient truths with direct modern mystical experiences.  Her fierce compassion, and impeccable integrity as well as her relationship with the people and pantheon of Egypt make Zahra Indigo one of the most important tour leaders in Egypt of these times." ~Nicki Scully

what They share about their Egyptian Mysteries Experience...

David, Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

~David, Becoming the Lotus Tour March 2019

I want to thank you again for including us in this journey.  Every aspect of the experience exceeded my expectations.  Your guidance, planning, preparation, and leadership were superlative.  I had some reservations about the focus and context of the trip being spiritual and mystical in nature.  I was also concerned about fitting in and relating to the activities in which we would participate. None of my concerns were founded or realized and the depth and richness of all those activities and experiences effected me profoundly.  My feeling of connection to all the people, the land, the culture, the history, and the mythology enlivened my spirit and enriched my soul. The gratitude and appreciation I felt about everything filled my heart.  And again so much of this was due to your efforts. Thank you again.

Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

~Paula, March 2018 & March 2017

I have had the pleasure of traveling in Egypt twice with tours lead by Indigo. During both tours I marveled at her knowledge of Egypt, it’s people, culture, and history. In a very seamlessly easy and elegant manner she knows how to make things happen inside of a culture that is very different from ours here in North America. She walks the earth there as if she were native to the land. The Egyptian people love her and even more important they respect her, it is a beautiful thing to witness. There was never a moment that I didn’t feel taken care of in the most luxurious way and on top of that I always felt extremely safe. Indigo is fun, lively, strong, and beyond capable. It may or may not be a stretch to say she knows Egypt like the back of her hand. If it is, it is not far from the truth, and I can testify that her hands are extremely capable, loving ones which I have felt fully comfortable to trust with my well being physically and spiritually in a foreign land.

Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

~Debbie, Off the Beaten Path Feb 2018

I traveled with Indigo and Normandie Ellis to Egypt in Feb/March 2018. Indigo doesn’t just know Egypt, she embodies Egypt. She becomes Egypt. She IS Egypt. Watching her walk barefoot on the sand and in the temples and tombs, draped in scarf and shawl, I was inspired, humbled and taken on the magic carpet ride that Indigo created for us all. This was my third trip, and viewing Egypt through Indigo’s leadership was surprisingly eye-opening; the mysteries continued to unravel and unfold. If you are intrigued by Egypt, if you are drawn to this profoundly loving and magical country, you can’t do better than having Indigo as your guide. And I want to add a big shout-out to Normandie, who shined in her co-leader role. You guys and gals... GO! Go to Egypt (with Indigo). I promise your mind will be blown and your heart will burst open with love. 

~Kennedy, Off the Beaten Path Feb 2018

Tel Amarna, Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

In February and March of 2018, I had the pleasure of traveling through Egypt with Indigo Ronlov as one of my guides. I cannot say enough about what an amazing experience this was. Of utmost importance to me was finding a tour group with leaders that held the same reverence and awe for the history and sacredness of this country that I do as well. Indigo did not disappoint. The time and planning that obviously went into our journey beforehand, along with the knowledge and respect for every area and site that we visited were simply amazing. This is not to mention the attention that was clearly paid to every last detail, from meals to roommates and beyond. Indigo sees the big picture and she did an incredible job of planning a sacred journey that was appropriate for our entire group, while also attending to each individual person and all of our separate needs or concerns. She has the ability to tailor the experience to each person in a way that makes it their own. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in an experience that goes beyond the average and reaches for the Spirit of Egypt itself. In fact, I am already saving for my next journey and opportunity to travel along with her again!

~Patricia, Egypt 2014, 2015, 2018

Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

Egypt truly is a magical place. I’ve felt that from the first time I stepped onto its sacred soil almost twenty years ago, to right now as I write this review. I have traveled to Egypt six times so far. Each time its very essence pulls me deeper into its mysteries. For me, traveling without having to worry about the nit-picky details is heaven and allows me to truly absorb its magic. I’ve traveled with Indigo several times, including my last tour where we went off the beaten path into parts of Egypt I’ve never seen before, but wanted to experience. It was wonderful. Indigo has taken the time to totally immerse herself, not only in the magic of the ancient sites, but also in the day-to-day lives of the Egyptian people. Her Zahra Foundation is a wonderful example. I respect that and feel it adds to the experience. As we all know, travel to ancient lands is not always perfect, but during those times Indigo has been upfront about it and offered alternatives or other solutions to the issues, thus moving seamlessly through the land. I hope you will join her on one of her upcoming tours. You won’t be disappointed!

~Carolyn, Egypt 2015

Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore Egypt with Shamanic Journey's a couple of years ago, and had such an incredible experience! Indigo was one of our guides, and she stood out as an individual who is very knowledgeable and passionate about the intriguing history and beautiful people of Egypt. She led our group not only through ancient lands and sacred temples, but also on an internal journey of activating the spirit and awakening. Her warm, welcoming presence, and the connection and cohesion that she facilitated among our group was so special. I will always remember the sunrise ceremonies that we shared at Seshep Ank and the Isis temple, as well as our night time visit inside the Great Pyramid. The collective experiences of this trip, under the guidance of Indigo, sparked a new light inside of me, and my fascination with the mysteries of ancient Egypt will never subside.

Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt,Egypt Travel, Mysteries of Egypt

~Normandi Ellis, Co-teacher

Having Indigo Rønlov as my Cofacilitator while we traveled Egypt this year was pretty miraculous. Looking forward to working with her again. She has a nose for keeping the details straight and taking care of her people. Straight up Ma'at from this gal.

Sunrise at Philea, Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

~Doaa, Egyptian Tour Guide

I’m Doaa I’m working as tour guide in Egypt I know indigo since her first time in Egypt she is very organized & takes good care of her clients I also felt that I completely huged & fit in her groups was my pleasure to work with her & for the next tours too , keep going my Habibi best wishes.

Sunrise at Philae, Sacred Travel, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Travel, © Mysteries of Egypt

~Sandy Corcoran, Author, Teacher,

I have had the wonderful opportunity of co-teaching in Egypt a handful of times, but none of those experiences have been as fluid, nor touched me as deeply, as the times I have co-taught with Indigo. She has an enormous capacity to introduce groups to wonder of Egypt, because of her love of the country and its people. I am always delighted to work with someone who is well organized, dedicated to participants feeling the wonder of Egypt in unique ways, and who has the capacity to fully and fairly co-teach. I love working with Indigo and look forward to another journey of the heart.