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The more you know about Egypt before you get there, 

the easier it will be to comprehend and go deeper into her mysteries. 

There's lots of interesting material about Egypt out there, some of it carries truth. 

The following are just a few of the books that are available. 

This list has been developed by Nicki Scully, Normandi Ellis, and Zahra Indigo.


Some of these books are available 

directly from Nicki at Hathor's Mirror

as well as many online book sellers. 

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"Let me stand in light, bathe in light, clothe myself in light. Let me sit in the lap of Gods and hear words of comfort....Let my spirit be stronger today than it was yesterday, my heart more peaceful, my mind more fertile, my hands more gentle. Let Gods touch my face. Let me go forth shining. Let my feet know the way. Let me walk and pass through fire...Let me pass undeterred into Heaven."  

~ Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris ~

Books available at Hathor's Mirror

The Anubis Oracle: A Journey Into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

(ITI) by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf: The Anubis Oracle guidebook and oracle cards are a companion to Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt which was released in 2007. This is a must-have divination tool to connect with spiritual guides from the Egyptian pantheon. This shamanic guide to unlocking the inner workings of the soul will lead us on a heart-opening journey of transformation!  Indigo will use the Anubis Oracle extensively during the journey as a mean to strengthen our relationships to the neteru. Using the cards between now and this trip will further deepen your experience in the temples and monuments.

The Union of Isis and Thoth; Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

 (ITI) by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully: In this initiatic guide to temple building on the spiritual and physical planes, Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully explain how to create a communal spiritual structure for connecting with the ancient Egyptian pantheon as well as how to consecrate yourself as a vessel suitable for divine wisdom and a home for your personal gods. The authors detail the construction, shamanic visioning, and ritual consecration of a Temple. They explore teachings that help you develop relationships with the Egyptian neteru and realize your place within the family of the Egyptian pantheon. They guide you as you create your inner heart temple, the adytum, a safe place in which to receive guidance and access your higher spiritual bodies and oracular gifts.  By creating a sacred temple within and without, we each can take part in the union of Isis and Thoth and restore the magic of the Egyptian mysteries to our time.

Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess

 (ITI) by Nicki Scully, forward by Normandi Ellis & Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.: Sekhmet is the lioness goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon, a fierce protector of truth, balance, and the Cosmic order of Ma’at. Known and feared as the goddess of war and destruction, she also represents the transformative power of kundalini energy, or sekhem, and is the main goddess to harness this power for healing. As “She Who Comes in Times of Chaos,” she takes offerings of fear, rage, and weakness and transforms them into alchemical gold, the universal medicine for physical, emotional, and soul healing.

Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

 by Normandi Ellis:  This translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead provides the essence of Egypt. It reads like pure poetry and is very inspiring as well as deeply penetrating the theosophy and cosmology of ancient Egypt.  It clearly expresses their feelings about the meanings of life and death. We will use this sacred text in a bibliomancy style throughout our journey.

Feasts of Light: Celebration for the Seasons of Life Based on the Egyptian Goddess Mysteries

by Normandi Ellis: This most thorough and alive rendition is full of wonderful myths and related festivals, a perfect introduction to the gods and goddesses of Egypt. You will find this is a very helpful book as we enter the mysteries.

Imagining the World Into Existence

(ITI) by Normandi Ellis: Drawing from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid texts, the Book of Thoth, and other sacred hieroglyphic writings spanning the three millennia of the Egyptian Mystery Traditions, Normandi reveals the magical language of creation and words of power that enabled the ancient Egyptians to act as co-creators with the gods.  

Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt

(ITI) by Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown, foreword by Nicki Scully: Normandi and Gloria’s book reveals how to create meaning from one’s life experiences and manifest new destinies through spiritual writing. It offers tools to powerfully write about and manifest your life using the power found in the sacred sites of ancient Egypt. This anthology contains meditations and creative writing exercises exploring sacred themes in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and other hieroglyphic texts of ancient Egypt and includes transformative and inspiring pieces written by those who attended the authors’ Egyptian sacred tour in 2009.  

Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart-Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools

by Danielle Rama Hoffmann: This book (and/or separate 6-CD set) of 20 guided meditations leads the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples—a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles—love, purpose, money, and health—and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

Dreams of Isis: A Woman’s Spiritual Sojourn

by Normandi Ellis: Excellent insights from this great writer with her personal story in relation to her studies of Ancient Egypt.

Other Recommended Titles about Egypt available through many booksellers.

Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt by John Anthony West: Here he synthesizes the work of Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Schwaller de Lubicz is an extremely important scholar whose work is very deep, and very good.  His works include The Opening of the Way and The Temple of Man.  

Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt by Jeremy Naydler: A radical reinterpretation of the Pyramid Texts as shamanic mystical wisdom rather than funerary rituals:  Reveals the mystical nature of Egyptian civilization denied by orthodox Egyptologists; Examines the similarity between the pharaoh’s afterlife voyage and shamanic journeying; Shows shamanism to be the foundation of the Egyptian mystical tradition.

To the Greek philosophers and other peoples of the ancient world, Egypt was regarded as the home of a profound mystical wisdom. While there are many today who still share that view, the consensus of most Egyptologists is that no evidence exists that Egypt possessed any mystical tradition whatsoever. Jeremy Naydler’s radical reinterpretation of the Pyramid Texts--the earliest body of religious literature to have survived from ancient Egypt--places these documents into the ritual context in which they belong.

Temple of the Cosmos: The Ancient Egyptian Experience of the Sacred by Jeremy Naydler: In this guide to the cosmology of ancient Egypt, Jeremy Naydler recreates the experience of living in another time and place. Temple of the Cosmos explores Egypt's sacred geography and mythology; but more importantly, it reveals with unprecedented clarity an ancient consciousness in tune with the rhythms of the earth. The ancient Egyptians experienced their gods not as remote beings but rather as psychic and natural forces, transpersonal energies that played a part in everyday life. This direct experience of the gods shaped the Egyptian concepts of human development, healing, magic, and the soul's journey through the Underworld as described in the Books of the Dead. While building on the pioneering efforts of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and others, Temple of the Cosmos is much more than a recapitulation of previous theories of Egyptian spirituality. Rather, this book breaks new ground by placing the work of other Egyptologists in an original, magical context. The result is a brilliant reimagining of the Egyptian worldview and its sacred path of spiritual unfolding.

The Opening of the Way: A practical Guide to the Wisdom Teaching of Ancient Egypt by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz: This book focuses on the spiritual growth of the individual using the lessons of the ancient Egyptians.  It concentrates on the basics of the ancient Egyptian teachings. A book used for spiritual self-examination.

HER-BAK: The Living Face of Egypt and HER-BAK: Egyptian Initiate by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz: A vivid recreation of Egyptian life and the Temple teachings in a novel form.

The Search for Omm Sety: A Story of Eternal Love by Jonathan Cott & Henry El Zeini: This is the fascinating true story of the life of a remarkable, eccentric English woman and her love affair with Seti I.  Omm Sety lived her last years (until mid 1980s) at Abydos where she assisted in the restoration of the temple and followed the ancient religion. This book will also be available to purchase when we are at Abbydos. (This is also avaibale for sale when we are in Abydos.)

Search In Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton: A charming and magical autobiographical story about one man’s sacred journey through Egypt in the mid-1900s.

The Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock: This book offers an interesting journey of discovery that spans continents and centuries, seeking evidence of humanity’s first great civilization.

The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval: In this book the authors present evidence that the Sphinx, the pyramids and the other monuments at Giza are of far more ancient origin than previously believed.  An interesting read.

The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval: The story of a secret, hidden for thousands of years, that will forever change our understanding of the meaning and purpose of the most fascinating wonder of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Egypt.

The Egypt Code by Robert Bauval: This book offers an interesting journey of discovery that spans continents and centuries, seeking evidence of humanity’s first great civilization.  

Egyptian Mysteries by Lucie Lamy

Traveler’s Key to Ancient Egypt by John Anthony West

Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Stephanie Rossini

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