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The magic of Egypt touches everyone who comes in contact with her mysteries. Egypt is the spiritual ancestral heritage for so many who enter these mysteries with an open heart and curious mind, who return from this ancient soul experience transformed. Going to Egypt and walking through the temples, the tombs, and the monuments is like being rung by a tuning fork. The frequencies that pilgrims are attuned continues to emanate from them throughout their lives with more profound levels of adjustment with every return trip. Once a person is connected to Egypt and her Pantheon, the veils thin and the mysteries open easily to the willing seeker.

Beginning in 2019, Zahra Indigo Rønlov's new company, Mysteries of Egypt, LLC,  continues to offer specialized sacred  Egyptian Mysteries Pilgrimages in the tradition and from the deep and precious foundation Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. built over thirty years of spiritual travel around the world, and most especially in Egypt. This strong foundation encouraged Zahra Indigo to continue in her own way the work Nicki pioneered in Egypt, for it is essential for the unfolding of a healthy human, a healthy humanity, and thus a healthy collective planetary body. 

The two connected when Indigo was studying Alchemical Healing and Nicki was in need of help to complete the manuscript for the book with her  husband, Mark Hallert, Planetary Healing; Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. She immediately recognized Zahra Indigo’s exceptional intelligence and direct connection with the spirit world. Zahra Indigo, already trained in a number of disciplines, quickly became Nicki’s protégé. Soon, she began joining Nicki on tours to Egypt, first as assistant, and soon she became an indispensable part of Shamanic Journeys Tours. 

When Nicki could no longer travel to Egypt and lead the tours, it was apparent that Zahra Indigo was her natural choice for a partnership that opened the doors for Indigo to discover herself and her purpose in Egypt in ways that were never expected. And so, it was with justified pride and devotion that Nicki recognized when it was time to pass the baton and let her fly! Zahra Indigo’s entire relationship and work with Egypt has fulfilled dreams that Nicki had carried, but was unable to actualize. 

One of the things that makes Zahra Indigo’s tours unique is the way she weaves the ancient truths with direction modern mystical experiences. Her fierce compassion, and impeccable integrity as well as her relationship with the people and pantheon of Egypt make Zahra Indigo one of the most important tour leaders to Egypt of these times. Since her first trip with Nicki in 2012, Indigo has traveled back to Egypt twice a year. During that time, she has led hundreds of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. seekers from Abu Simbal to Alexandria and oh-so-many places in between. 

In gratitude and appreciation,  

Nicki Scully for Shamanic Journeys, Ltd.    

Zahra Indigo Rønlov for Mysteries of Egypt LLC